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I & II John - Letters from the last man standing

Following our last series on One-Another-ing, our current preaching series is entitled I & II John - Letters from the last man standing; John had a profound and intimate relationship with Christ which is definitely reflected in his letters. Writing in his unique and instinctive style, John also looked at other key issues that were relevant in his generation, including combatting heresy, the importance of healthy relationships within the church and the ongoing battle against sin facing each and every believer. All issues that remain as relevant and significant today as they were in John’s time. 

Our sermons are by a variety of preachers including elders of the church, other church members with a preaching/ prophetic gift, and guest speakers.

Our sermons are recorded and are available to stream live or to download.

A set of study notes are usually produced, which are useful for group or individual study.

We trust that God will bless and speak to you as you listen to the sermons and study his word.