Tuesdays at 7am

Jubilee Church meets men where they're at inimageedit43743973650 life - as husbands, fathers, sons and ultimately, as Christians. Men want to know how to best manage busy lives and juggle the ever-increasing responsibiities and demands being placed upon them.

The Jubilee Mens ministry recognises that there are different stages in a man's life that he needs to understand and be prepared for. He also needs to be equipped. The aim of Jubilee is to be proactive in bringing men to a place of understanding and equipping them with God's power for all aspects of life.

As well as several events throughout the year, Jubilee Church also hosts a weekly men's breakfast on Tuesdays at 7am. This offers a great opportunity for a spiritual challenge to men at the start of the working day. There is a short time of instruction and a period of prayer as well as great support and friendship.

We also have a pub night ("Men's social evening") once a month, just a chance for men to spend some time out together and have a good evening over a drink. We vary evenings and venues, so please check the church calendar to check where we'll be - and join us!

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