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Tiredness Kills 
Dave Webb-Peploe


Sometimes notes are helpful in our reading and understanding of the bible. The ones that I use are by Geoff Lucas published by CWR. In a recent daily reading ( actually July 2006 ), he reflects on Peter’s denial of Jesus before the cross (Mark 14: 66-72).

The interesting comment that Geoff makes is that Peter’s denial was strongly influenced by fear (of persecution by the rabble ), failure (his sense of defeat after being rebuked for chopping an ear off ) & interestingly enough fatigue (the disciples slept during Jesus’s spiritual ordeal in the garden of Gethsemane). Tiredness it seems to me can seriously mess up our ability to make good decisions. If I have a late night ( which in my case rather sadly usually consists of playing an online computer game ), the results the following morning can look distinctly unpleasant. Out of tiredness, I make bad decisions, lack productivity, get ratty with those around me, get defensive when my wife challenges me about my bedtime:
                                               you get the general picture.

As a result I’m making a concerted effort to be more disciplined about bedtime at the end of a day. A defined period of relaxation which is important – is now followed by bed. So whatever your downtime pursuit is: be it MMORPGS (if you’ve no idea what this stands for, don’t worry you’re normal), Candy Crush saga, Plants versus zombies, Downton Abbey or partying the night away, remember one thing. Try to ensure ‘You’ control ‘It’ and not the other way round. Or you might find yourself in a messy Peter type situation the following day looking like a distinct pumpkin.