Gaming club bannerMondays 7 - 10pm

We run a Gaming club that meets on a Monday evening at the Jubilee Centre. We are a fun club with a relaxed atmosphere. 

We play tabletop wargames, which involves moving model soldiers around the board to achieve set objectives.  Bolt Action is a World War II game that is popular, but also Napoleonic battles have taken place, aeroplanes have fought in the sky, the Zulus have been repelled and we have regular games of Warhammer fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, a science-fiction game.  Risk and other more traditional games have been played and we are also open to playing other wargames, boardgames or strategy games. 

We normally have between 12 and twenty players each evening, and are always looking for new players who express an interest in the hobby.

Cost is free on your first visit, then £1 thereafter.