Joint celebration 18 bannerJoint Celebration

and Epsom's Housewarming

Sunday 18th November, 6.30pm

On Sunday 18 November we are having a joint celebration, hosted by King's Church, Epsom.
We look forward to meeting up with our friends from Epsom and from Open Door Church, Sunbury, and worshipping God together.
This evening will also be a chance to celebrate and welcome King’s Church into the Commission and New Frontiers fold.

Steve PetchWe are delighted that our guest speaker for the event is Steve Petch from Welcome Church, Woking (formerly the Coign). It will be a great opportunity to hear him continue to outline the Come as you are approach that both Welcome Church and ourselves are seeking to adopt.
Do join us for what we think will be an exciting evening.

The King’s Church, Epsom, 
Off Gibraltar Crescent, Longmead Road
Epsom, KT19 9BU

Please feel free to contact us for more information.