Addiction Recovery Group banne

Addiction Recovery Group is meeting in person in line with current guidance, please get in touch for details if you’d like to join.

Addiction Recovery Group 

Jubilee Church works with a local Addiction Recovery Group. The group meets on Saturday evenings, once a month at the Jubilee Centre and at other local venues on other weeks. Meeting lasts about an hour and a half (7- 8.30pm).
The group loosely follows the 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous programme but with the crucial difference that Jesus is clearly identified as the higher power.
At the moment the group is focused on step 1 of the programme which highlights the fact that we are totally powerless to address our addictions on our own and need Jesus to rescue us.
The programme for the evening is that one person shares for about 20 minutes his/her story of addiction and deliverance. Following this we go round the circle with everyone free to share or pass as the case may be.

If you know anyone with any form of addiction and would like more information please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with the group leaders.