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Heart Matters 
Dave Webb-Peploe

imageedit125926441241I have recently felt challenged about my times with God. The issue with them is that they don’t include a time of worship. And this is in danger of being a problem. Why? Because if I'm not extremely careful I will lose my joy in God.

When I read my bible, and think about it and allow God to speak to me through the inspired words of the different authors, that is really important. But the question is: is it enough? For it is only when I worship him, that I enjoy him. My eyes are lifted; my attention is off me and my difficulties and focused on the one who created the universe and his son who died for it. Self-absorption is altered even if only for a while; perspective is shifted, horizontal vision goes vertical. Joy is restored.

For me a Newday/worship CD left in the player and played in the mornings while Ruth takes Emily to school seems to be the way forward. I might even do a gentle chore like unloading the dishwasher whilst singing along. Whatever suits really.

But as an additional note, corporate worship is also really important. So let’s not neglect this in our small groups, or for that matter on Sunday mornings.
“The chief aim of mankind is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.”

So said a group of very wise Christians many years ago. Anything less will deplete us. Anything less will cause us to become shrivelled, introspective, self-absorbed, prunes. Anything less will starve our souls of the joy that our glorious God so wonderfully provides.