Bags of Food bannerBags of Food 

‘One-off’ help for families or individuals in crisis.

Growing out of our annual Christmas Hampers project (which continues each year), this Jubilee Church scheme runs throughout the year. Foods are donated by members and friends of the church and stored until a need arises. Donations from the wider comjunity are welcomed.

The intention is to be able to offer a bag of food for an individual or family in an unexpected situation. It may be that this is a ‘one-off’ emergency, or providing food until food bank or other support can be arranged by other community partners or agencies.

Jubilee Church’s community links may contact us to request a bag of food for one of their clients and a member of our team will get prepare the Bag of Food which can be delivered to a school, centre or direct to the family. 

Donations of food items are welcome - there is a box in the foyer at the Jubilee Centre.

Foods generally needed are:                                    
Bags of Food logotea, squash, juice
long-life milk
meals in tins or jars (eg pies, stews, frankfurters)
tuna, tomato soup, baked beans, tinned spaghetti
vegetables (sweetcorn, peas, carrots, tomatoes)
rice, pasta, noodles
pasta bake and other sauces
desserts (eg tinned fruit, rice pudding, sponges, custard, jelly, Angel Delight)
cereals, cereal bars
jam, biscuits

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Please check the news sheet for up-to-date lists. Thank you!

If you'd like to know more, please contact us here or email

‘For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink’. Matthew 25 v35

Bags of Food Summer 2019

Our first Bags of Food for the summer holidays were collected (or delivered) on 19 July as the schools broke up and the final ones were collected this week. During this time your generous donations of food, money and produce have provided an incredible 573 meals (both a main course and a pudding) for the families we have been supporting. Additionally, each week the families have had fruit juice or squash, 4 pints of milk and extra treats such as chocolate spread, jam or peanut butter, biscuits, crisps or sweets.
We have also been greatly blessed by members of the local community who have read the church website and contacted us to help. This has led to a local Dental Surgery providing toothpaste and a lady with a real passion to see children who would normally get Free School Meals fed well during the holidays contributing generously too.

An account of our Easter Bags of Food 2019 

Easter 19 BoFDuring the school Easter holidays we worked with two Shepperton schools and SureStart Children’s Centre to provide Bags of Food to 12 local families whose children normally receive free school meals. Each week the food was a mixture of dried and tinned foods brought in and placed in the box in the Jubilee Centre foyer, and fresh fruit, vegetables and meat paid for through cash donated specifically to Bags of Food through the offering or in person. Thank you so much to all of you who helped to provide for this valuable support in whatever form.
The bags provided the whole family with the items needed to make five main meals for the children to replace the meals that they would normally get at school. We ensure that there is sufficient for parents to share the same meal.

We were also able to provide an Easter Egg for each child (exactly the correct number had been donated before we knew how many children we were going to be feeding!).
A total of 90 mouths great and small were fed.
Your prayers were very effective and we had the opportunity to have some good conversations with some of the parents.