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We love meeting up with each other on a Sunday morning. 
Occasionally we stay in to listen to the preach, mostly we come out and have our own activities. Either way, it's great to be together to worship God and hear what he has to say to us!


CourageCourage is our combined youth service when we join with youth from Beacon Church
It takes place at 'Revive' from 7-9pm on the last Sunday of every month. 

We often get take away, have a time of worship and invite fabulous speakers who are passionate about seeing God move in your schools, colleges and lives.

Revive coffee shop, 99 Guildford St, Chertsey KT16 9AS



(Fun Activities In The Home Group)
We have a home group for years 7-11 which runs on alternate Thursdays, 7.30-9.00pm at the Jubilee Centre. It gives the teenagers a space to chat, laugh, discover and grow.

God tells us "it’s not good to be alone", so the purpose of the group is to help young people to build good relationships with each other and with God. The leaders are passionate about helping our youth to get to know Jesus as well as to have fun, and they have an exciting programme planned!

Come and join us, or contact us to find out more.

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Youth Alpha

Wednesdays at 7.30pm at Revive coffee shop
Youth alpha will be amazing! We're joining up with youth from Beacon Church Addlestone and International Community Church Chertsey.

Starting on 12th September, each Wednesday we'll be having food, a video, and chatting about life and the Christian faith. 

Revive coffee shop, 95 Guildford Street, Chertsey, KT16 9AS.
If you'd like to know more, please get in touch with Jo at jo.jones@jubileechurchshepperton.org or contact us here

Social events

CYEWe regularly get up to all sorts of things - weekend away at CYE Sailing Centre, NERF party, 'Chomp on the Romp' (travelling supper), wide games, and lots more.

We're looking forward to more social events in the near future - drop us an email if you'd like to know more about them.






There’s loads going on for youth at the Jubilee Centre with our Sunday services and regular socials, a perfect opportunity to have loads of fun and to make new friends.

Plus every August we take the entire group to Newday, a huge youth event run by Commission at Norfolk showground - a weeks camping with a festival feel.

If you'd like to know more then please contact us by clicking here...

For more videos please visit our YouTube channel 

Jubilee Church Child Protection Policy Statement:

We are committed to supporting parents and families
As leaders of the church we are committed to the nurturing, protection and safeguarding of children and young people.
We recognise that Child Protection is everybody's responsibility
We will review this policy annually