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Due to current restrictions Jubilee Kids is suspended until further notice, we will update here when Jubilee Kids is able to restart. However, every week Jubilee kids are invited to receive an ‘Activity Pack’ full of fun things to make and colour in, that follow the themes of the Sunday morning online service. If you would like to your children, grandchildren to get involved with what Jubilee Kids are doing then please email Jo via the office and we will gladly drop of an activity kit for your kids to enjoy.

Jubilee Kids is for children of Primary school age (ages 5 - 11) 

The Jubilee Kids Show

We also have a brand new special feature “The Jubilee Kids Show” presented by Duggie Dug Dug with help from our youth.

The Jubilee Light Party

Activity Packs


Activities are available below for you and your child to download and print-off. Have fun! 

July 2020
1. Do Not Worry (crossword)
2. Do Not Worry (wordsearch)
3. Gods so love the world (crossword)
4. Gods love (crossword)
5. Gods love is (wordsearch)
6. Gods love (secret code)
7. Help the Samaritan woman (maze)
8. Jesus heals the blind man (crossword)
9. Jesus heals the blind man (hidden Bible verse)
10. Jesus heals the blind man (maze)
11. Jesus heals the blind man (wordsearch)
12. Jesus calls his disciples (maze)
13. Jesus washes his disciples feet (crossword)
14. Jesus washes his disciples feet (wordsearch)
15. The Samaritans Believe in Jesus (code)
16. The unmerciful servant (crossword)

1. Animals in the bible!
2. David and Goliath maze
3. Gods love for us crossword

1. Jesus emotion word search
2. Jesus crossword
3. King of kings maze

1. Miracle of the fish word search
2. Jesus miracles crossword
3. Spot the fishy difference
4. Fisherman's lines

1. Jesus and a leper path
2. Jesus heals a leper crossword
3. Jesus and a leper word search