Sundays banner 2020Sundays at Jubilee Church

NOTE: In person services are currently limited but our services continue to be livestreamed via our YouTube Channel Jubilee Church Shepperton every Sunday morning at 10:30am.  

Sunday Morning Worship

We're beginning to welcome people back into The Jubilee Centre for our Sunday Services, further details and the booking link can be found on our Service bookings page:  All our Sunday and worship videos are available to watch via our YouTube Channel Jubilee Church Shepperton. Services begin at 10:30am each Sunday and are also available to watch back later.

Preaching Series

BannerWhen the Going Gets Tough
This month (April 2012) we introduce a new sermon series entitled 'When the going gets tough' which will focus on the New Testament Epistle of James. For many of us this past year has been particularly tough as we've faced increased bereavement, physical illness (Covid and otherwise) and mental health issues. On top of this people have also had to face economic uncertainty, lockdown and a host of other difficulties. The epistle of James is also set in uncertain times. James himself was presiding over a church in Jerusalem that saw a massive move of Christians away from the capital due to intense persecution. This too would have led to uncertainty, economic hardship and huge anxiety. So very much a book for our times. But James also dealt with other key issues including handling temptation, social justice towards the needy, prayer and humility. Most famously of all he makes the really testing challenge that if our faith is not worked out through looking after the needy and poorly treated then it is quite possible that it is no faith at all but simply orthodox religious observance. Challenging but also encouraging. Join us as we look at this exciting book together.

All the videoed services have been archived, and are available to watch or download from the 'Sermon and Media' page CLICK HERE or our YouTube Channel Jubilee Church Shepperton.

Our sermons are by a variety of preachers including elders of the church, other church members with a preaching/ prophetic gift, and guest speakers.
Our sermons are recorded and are available to stream live or to download.


Jubilee Kids

Every week Jubilee kids are invited to receive an ‘Activity Pack’ full of fun things to make and colour in, that follow the themes of the Sunday morning online service. If you would like to your children, grandchildren to get involved with what Jubilee Kids are doing then please email the office we will gladly drop of an activity kit for your kids to enjoy.
To find out more please visit the Jubilee Kids webpage.

Youth Zoom!

Every Thursday evening while the Covid19 crisis lasts we're hosting our youth home group online! To date we’ve had an exceptionally good turn out with most of our young people joining us for an evening of quizzes, scavenger hunts and an opportunity to just hang out with each other and chat … and there’s lots more in the pipeline. If you are in school years 7-13 and would like to join us and stay connected email me on and I’ll send you a zoom link.

Monday Evening Prayer Meeting
All are invited to join us for a time of prayer and reflection. Currently available via ZOOM between 8 and 9pm  contact us here for details if you'd like to join.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please email or contact us here.