Oak Tree Cafe bannerOak Tree Cafe 

Wednesdays 7-9pm

A friendly and relaxed place where adults who want to improve their emotional wellbeing can support and encourage one another.

This group is for those who struggle with mental health issues who would benefit from company and a safe environment.
Whilst not offering any direct counselling or medical advice/support, we aim to provide a relaxed and enjoyable place to come and "just be".

A chance to chat, have some cake, play a game, try a craft activity or just to sit and chill.
Freedom to engage in conversation or not. Freedom to participate in activities or not.

Tea, coffee, biscuits, cake etc.

And by the way, it's free!

Wednesdays 7-9pm at the Jubilee Centre. 

If you would like to know more, please contact us for more details.

Oak Tree Cafe Gardening project

Oak Tree Cafe is branching out! As well as meeting on a Wednesday evening, we have recently started gathering on a Saturday morning for a spot of gardening at the Jubilee Centre.

4 garden picsWe have been busy bees, making raised beds, sowing vegetable seeds, digging manure into the borders, planting flowers, making hanging baskets, mowing, sweeping and lots more.
Gardening is so good for our mental health. Fresh air, sunshine (helping our vitamin D production), exercise, friendships, creativity… what could be better?
(Plus, the Jubilee garden now looks amazing!)
4 gardeners picsWe have had a lovely mix of ages coming along and have had lots of fun. If you are interested in joining us then please contact us about when we meet.