Another brick in the wall bann

We recently completed a series entiltled 'Vision Expressed' where we looked at key scriptures that underwrite our four main vision objectives: Come as you are; Full of the Spirit; Community of believers; Mercy & justice.  Our vision is outlined in our vision page of this website.

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'Another brick in the wall' - the book of Nehemiah
We are now into an exciting new series in the book of Nehemiah - here's why Nehemiah is such a relevant book for Jubilee Church right now.

Firstly the book of Nehemiah is about rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. And as we look at this process there are clear parallels between building city walls (back in biblical times) and building the church today.  Key principles such as passion, prayer, planning, leadership, everyone involved, handling opposition, and self-discipline are as key for us in achieving our goals and objectives today as they were for Nehemiah in achieving his back then. So as God calls us to partner him in building his church, there are many lessons that we can and should be learning from the book of Nehemiah.
Secondly Nehemiah is a great story. There are numerous challenges and tests for this Old Testament hero as he negotiates royalty, local dignitaries, enemies without as well as enemies within, and a whole range of practical difficulties to boot. And so it’s a great book in which to look at character development. Put simply as we face our own particular challenges and tests we can learn a lot from the way in which Nehemiah handled his.
And finally as we seek to preach the whole word of God, it is important that we retain a good balance between the Old and New Testament. Our series in Acts encamped us in the New Testament for a year, and this look at Nehemiah redresses the balance slightly.
I also have great confidence that through this book God will also teach us a whole range of entirely unplanned things as well. Because after all, his mind and ways will consistently remain higher and better than ours.   
Dave Webb-Peploe.

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