Another brick in the wall 2 ba

'Another brick in the wall' - the book of 1 Peter
shutterstock88952863We are currently enjoying an exciting series entitled ‘Another brick in the wall.' In the the first part we enjoyed the story of Nehemiah rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. We're now into part two of the series, with the spotlight transferring from the Old Testament to the New Testament, with a clear important link between the two books in the theme of building a home (physically in Nehemiah and spiritually in 1 Peter) for the people of God. 

1 Peter is an excellent companion book to Nehemiah and has a number of similar themes - there are clear parallels between building city walls (back in biblical times) and building the church today.  Key principles such as passion, prayer, planning, leadership, everyone involved, handling opposition, and self-discipline are as key for us in achieving our goals and objectives today as they were for Nehemiah in achieving his back then.
So as God calls us to partner him in building his church, there are many lessons that we can and should be learning from the book of Nehemiah, and from the New Testament Church.
Living the Christian life without compromising, and enduring hardships and setbacks... as we face our own particular challenges and tests we can learn a lot from the way in which Nehemiah handled his.

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