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'Every life transformed by Christ'

Our vision has four 'pillars':

1. Creating a ‘come as you are’ culture
Vision 2018 come as you areWhatever someone’s personal background, situation, area of struggle, moral context or current sexual orientation, they are welcome to come and belong in this church. We will not aim to change or ‘shape them up’. But we will introduce them to Christ and allow him to do the ‘shaping'. Affection towards Christ is the profound changer of human behaviour (born out of salvation) and not conformity to a moral code (born out of legalism).
It is a culture that we will need to change –
to BELONG – BELIEVE – BECOME… or we will lose this generation entirely.

Recommended reading: 'No Perfect People Allowed' by John Burke ISBN: 978-0-310-27501-5

2. Full of the Spirit

Vision 2018 full of the spiritThe Holy Spirit is a vital part of our church. We are looking to experience him more in key areas,  including:
- prayer
- personal holiness
- gifts of the Spirit
- signs and wonders
- understanding God’s word
- outreach

Recommended reading: 'Sustainable Power' by Simon Holley ISBN: 978-1-86024-884-9

3. Community of believersVision 2018 community of belie
We need to be a ‘safe’ community where there is unity, people trust one another with their real selves and where community even brings a level of healing and wholeness.

Recommended reading: 'Becoming a True Spiritual Community' by Larry Crabb ISBN: 978-0-8499-1884-1

4. Mercy and Justice
Vision 2018 mercy  justiceOut of gratitude for what Christ has done for us we help, support and care for those who are marginalised or disadvantaged. Social action is not an alternative to the gospel but part of the gospel. As we look after those on the edge, we follow Christ’s example. We also trust that God will bless us in doing this and that many will come to Christ as a direct consequence of our social care ministries.

Recommended reading: 'Generous Justice' by Timothy Keller ISBN: 978-0-340-99509-9

Summary of the vision for Jubilee Church, DWP