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Holy Spirit: person, presence, power

an exciting two-term series.
We have increasingly felt as an eldership the draw back to looking more carefully at the person of the Holy Spirit. The reason for this occurs in a number of different areas of church life:
- Firstly we want his personal indwelling to enable and enhance our relationship with the Father so we can learn from, listen to and worship him more fully.

- Secondly we want to fan into flame amongst the body of Christ here at Jubilee a wide range of spiritual gifts.

- Thirdly we want to see people once and for all set free from patterns of sin and addiction by his power.

- And finally we want to demonstrate the power of the Spirit as we witness to a world lost without Christ.
A key objective of this series (to slightly misquote John Wimber) is not just to learn the stuff, but get acquainted with doing it as well!

Recommended reading: 'Sustainable Power' by Simon Holley ISBN: 978-1-86024-884-9

Our sermons are by a variety of preachers including elders of the church, other church members with a preaching/ prophetic gift, and guest speakers.

Our sermons are recorded and are available to stream live or to download.
A set of study notes are usually produced, which are useful for group or individual study.

We trust that God will bless and speak to you as you listen to the sermons and study his word.